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Found a pea coat with a cubs hat and gloves in the pockets in a global cab number 551. Hoping to reunite these items with their owner.
Joshua Junge
While we were recently in Chicago on the weekend of September 28-30, we found a 35mm SLR digital camera on the back seat of a taxi. It was found late bon the evening of Saturday, September 29 in the downtown core.
We are happy to return the camera if the rightful owner can provide either a serial number or a detailed description of the photos on the memory card in the camera. Please email
Found lost keys on Jul 29 at Ashland and North Ave Taxi # 6513
Keys were dropped off at Jewel on the corner of Ashland and Roosevelt Rd.
I saw a customer getting into cab # 6513 on the corner of North Ave and Ashland around 3pm drop his keys off his belt loop as he entered cab. I got out of my car,picked them up but they had speed off before I could follow to give to customer.
The only identifying mark was a "Jewel grocery card" attached.I called the number and reported. I was told to take to my nearest and convenient Jewel store as they would attempt to contact customer.
Hi Michael,
I am happy to let you know that my lost android smartphone was found by my cabdrive, Ogu, who works for Globe Taxi.
Thanks to you and to Ogu!!
Barbara Koenen

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